Feb 02, 2016

“The unseen world is all around us, helping us, speaking to us through synchronicities and dreams. We belong in the inner worlds, in the wonder of what is hinted at but not yet visible. Our own life is part of a flow of energy from the inner to the outer; every breath follows this rhythm. We are the meeting of the worlds, which is why human beings have the potential to make everything sacred, to bring alive the mystery of divine remembrance in each and every breath.

To be alive to magic is to be alive to the hidden potential of life. Life has a substance that can allow the unexpected to happen. When we participate directly with this hidden substance, we can weave patterns of magic into the fabric of creation. We can bring colors and fragrances from the inner worlds into the outer, and work to free life of its present constrictions. We can sense the gifts that are offered in every moment, gifts which draw us deeper and deeper into the endless possibilities of what is real.”

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee